Life Alone Shares The Fire EP

by Troposphere

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What I like about music is the freedom of imagination you get when you're presented with music that seems to have a life on its own, so would I encourage you to step into your mindscape openly while listening to this.
The lyrics, while openly speaking various messages, have been written while I was still concerned with my inner conflict between the reality and my escapism. Why does escapism soothe me? What motivations should I have to be willing to stay down-to-earth? Can I dig them out of my imagination and use them as benefits for life?
So clearly, taking on with this issue by writing in lyrical form has worked as a therapy for me. Maybe you can relate to this, or perhaps you've found your own message?


released December 24, 2011

Jevgenij Kapustin - Vocals, programming, flute
Alex Franchini (Elevators Of The Future) - Guest guitar solo

The main songwriting, mixing and cover art were done by Jev.



all rights reserved


Troposphere Sweden

Troposphere is the creative output from a man who enjoys exploring and getting immersed into adventurous music of many sorts. Its name was picked for its greek word "tropos" (=change), considering that a melting pot of wide influences were implemented in the songwriting while forging the way for an unprecedented result. ... more

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Track Name: Life Alone Shares The Fire
(Individual, refining the course of opportunities
Patiently finding answers that can break the walls of illusions
So it may realize what better future lies in store)

Our own meanings, they catch up
Entice us, highlighting our path
Lure out the devious of fantasies
The wild reality lies by our feet

Asleep in this personal cage
Tell me the stories when I am in doubt
The common mistakes I thought I learned by now
Are still looming to pull me in and again

Now summon me back here and now
To terms with my condition
The mother soon calls back her children
Do you realize you’ve been given your choice

These days are waiting
Those days are done
Ripples of reality
In time and through generations
Scatter the unsung domain
You can find the key
To touch the grace of existence
Caressing this I

Today, we stand
Upon this aged land
Sometimes we dance
In tomorrow from first glance
Today, we stand
Upon this aged land
Someday we dance
Into night for one fragile chance

Do our eyes in the fold wait for the sun to shed the light?
Is our identity waiting at home or beyond horizon?
No ideals are absolute, we can evaluate, re-evaluate
Chasing dreams from the future’s weight on our shoulders

The frost on your skin grew on flight off your ground, trying to reach for the sun
But in time, you’ll feel your warm-glowing presence on earth
Know, the life alone shares the fire
For those you care